September 30, 2014

JW: All-22 Review Bills/Texans
'So far the best thing I can figure for Kyle Orton is this: He won't have to play against JJ Watt this year. Watt was a terror. Unblockable. The Texans slide him around to different spots on the line, but most frequently he was working against Erik Pears or Cyril Richardson. How'd you like that assignment?'

Bills Move On From Manuel
Bills Daily
So I’m at a loss to explain why there is so much joy in Bills Nation today. Manuel may not be under center on Sunday but his failure, and the failure of the organization, should be a point of great hand-wringing. In the end I think Buffalo may salvage a 6 or 7 win season, but the cost for such mediocrity will be exorbitant - a first round pick in Manuel, 2 first round picks in Watkins, $5 million a year for 2 years of Orton. I’m not cheering this move, I’m crying – after so many years of football hardship it’s hard to believe there are any tears left. Is it too early to start worrying about backup quarterback?

Football is king; no surprise Orton gets call
Olean Times Herald
'In short, for all the justified criticism of Manuel, there was plenty of blame to go around for Buffalo’s offense. Now it’s Orton’s team, but he inherits the same line ... and offensive coordinator.'

Marrone turns to Orton as Bills’ QB
Buffalo News
'The move is a shocking departure from the team’s “all-in” approach with Manuel, their 2013 first-round draft pick who has a career record of 6-8 as a starter.''

Jackson stands behind coach’s decision
Buffalo News
'“It’s a decision that was made, and one that we just have to go out there and make it the right decision,” Jackson said before appearing on Monday’s episode of “The Fred Jackson Show” on WBBZ-TV. “Everybody’s got to continue to work. We’ve got to make everything as smooth a transition for Kyle as we can.”'

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